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Welcome to Winch & Co, where we adopt confidence, intelligence and pragmatism to every project; coupled with diligent risk management.

We are an investment company that look to add long-term, strategic value to projects which show promise; specifically seeking those opportunities with scope for strong risk management.

We work to improve operations, accelerate growth, reduce costs and manage risk across a variety of fields – drawing on public, private and third sector experience..

– Nathan Winch, Partner

Creating value from knowledge and experience.

As a private investment company, we look for opportunities where we can add tangible value.

Private Equity

We invest in small and medium-sized businesses based in the United Kingdom. We typically look to acquire businesses in the service sector with existing revenues. Subsequently, we look to add value and improve the business before either selling, or retaining it for future growth.


As an established property investment firm, Winch & Co has experience across a multi-disciplinary cross-section of financing, purchasing and management of property investments. We do this on behalf of investors seeking suitable properties to add to their portfolio by sourcing turn-key property projects.

Unlocking Value

We are in the business
of business

We offer practical solutions to private businesses and investors. Whether it be management, financing or longer-term equity, we offer real opportunities for growth.

Financial Management

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We work with a number of partners to deliver sustainable financial solutions.

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