Our Team

Good financial management is achieved through good business, and good business is all about good people. Meet the people behind our success so far.


Nathan Winch
BSc (Hons) AMRSB

Having started, developed and sold businesses in the healthcare and medical space – Nathan’s main specialities include commercialisation, investments, sourcing and project management.

Relationship Manager

Caroline Monks

Caroline has years of experience in relationship and client management. Helping manage our teams, as well as client accounts.


Harry Doodson
BA (Hons) CCMI

Harry’s specialities lie in investment management. He has worked a number of years in management and logistics, with an aptitude for organisation of short-term investments.


Tom Maskill
BSc (Hons)

Tom earned a degree in management from the University of Warwick Management School. He now works in project development and has experience in tendering and the bid writing and submission process.

Our greatest asset

Our People

We aim to deliver sustainable and practical solutions to a range of complex business needs.

Running a business can be tough. We understand this with first-hand experience. We’re here to help guide, or even manage, your business through problems and needs. And in those sectors that we know well, we can offer an additional support network to ensure success.

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