Who we are

A boutique private equity investment company based in Leeds.

We are an investment company looking to add strategic value to businesses via integration and consolidation. Seeking opportunities with a scope for robust risk management.

We work to improve operations, accelerate growth, reduce costs and manage risk with our investments – drawing on public, private and third-sector experience.

– Shaun Swinburn, Operations Director

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs looking to help other business owners succeed.

→ Private Equity

We invest in SMEs based in the UK. We typically look to acquire businesses in the FMCG, industrial and service-based industries, as well as deploying dynamic growth capital.

→ Management

In addition to our investment operations, we operate a management consultancy specialising in public sector frameworks; helping businesses supply to government and government agencies.

→ Business Sales

As well as investing in new businesses, we also acquire businesses that fall within our mandate that we can integrate and consolidate with complimentary investments, or that present good platform opportunities.

We are in the business
of business

We offer practical solutions to private businesses and investors. Whether that be management, financing or equity, we offer opportunities for growth.

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Finance Partners

In addition to our own funds, we also source capital from our selected lending partners.

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Winch & Co Private Equity
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