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A boutique investment company based in Leeds, with offices across the North East, Manchester and the Midlands, with over 120 employees.

Founded in 2010, we are an investment company that adds strategic value to businesses via integration and consolidation, producing realisable returns with an emphasis on risk management. Currently employing around 100 people across the UK.

We work to improve operations, accelerate growth, reduce costs and manage risk with our investments – drawing on public, private and third-sector experience.

Nathan Winch, Chief Executive

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs looking to help other business owners succeed.

As an investment company, we focus on identifying suitable target companies, acquiring the whole business or the assets, then improving and restructuring the company to add strategic value.

Building strong, profitable and asset-rich groups of companies in stable, durable and recession-proof sectors.

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We are in the people

We recognise that our success comes from our strong relationship building and stakeholder engagement.

Meet the teamCompany history

“Since our company was acquired by Winch & Co, we have seen many positive improvements and investments in the site, infrastructure and the team.“

Traffic Manager, DTS

Roland Redfern-Lown

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