Company Timeline

28th November 2022

by Winch & Co

Winch & Co directors were cordially invited to the Mayor’s Charity Ball in Barnsley in November to raise money for the chosen charities. One of these charities was Winch & Co’s nominated charity, Hey! Let’s Talk – a mental health charity focussed on helping young people in Yorkshire. Read our blog for more.

28th November 2022

by Winch & Co

Winch & Co’s management team were kindly invited to the annual Dealmaker Awards 2022, hosted by Insider Media at the Royal Armouries in Leeds city centre at the end of November 2022. Many notable guests included KPMG, AON, HSBC and Thin Cats. Read our blog for more.

28th November 2022

by Winch & Co

Following a string of regulatory issues inherited from the outgoing management team, coupled with a number of unavoidable headwinds, Winch & Co took the difficult decision to place Eclipse Distribution Solutions into administration in November 2022. Winch & Co worked on a job program to ensure full re-employment of the employees, as well as working with the primary, financial creditors of the company to compensate for losses incurred. As a result of Winch & Co’s support, Eclipse was able to operate and employ people longer than it would have otherwise done. Read our blog for more.

14th September 2022

by Winch & Co

Winch & Co took the decision in August 2022 to invest significantly in Eclipse Distribution to help counteract the headwinds of impacted supply chains brought on by the war in Ukraine. The board approved investment of over £500,000 to help bolster its position and clear down legacy credit balances left by the outgoing management. Read our blog for more.

14th July 2022

by Winch & Co

Winch & Co launches new North East office, with the promise of further investment in the 250,000 sq ft warehousing and distribution site that it is located on. Read more in our blog.

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