Private Equity

At Winch & Co, our strengths lie in identifying struggling companies or distressed owners, acquiring the business, then improving and restructuring the company to add value.

Private equity investments and turnarounds

As an investment company, we focus on identifying struggling companies or distressed business owners, acquiring the whole business, then improving and restructuring the company to add value. We then either retain the business for long term growth, or sell on to VC’s or other private investor groups.

We tend to invest alone, however, on a number of occasions we have worked with other investment parties on projects.

Acquire distressed asset

Identify, secure and acquire a financially-troubled company. Take over the assets and liabilities via an SPV.

Improve the business

Using our own capital, as well as other financial instruments such as debt, to restructure and improve the business.

Exit strategy

Analyse the business’ current financial position, then decide whether to retain the company and benefit from cash flow, or sell the business to another investor.

Work with us to recover your business

Do you own a business that’s struggling? Or need to exit your business quickly? Or perhaps you know someone who does?

We are prepared to work with business owners who need to sell their business, or that have a troubled financial situation. Business owners we work with are prepared to:

  • Hand over their business to us
  • Accept a reasonable, but fair, valuation
  • Understand that we will take care of their business
  • In some circumstances accept a deferred compensation structure
  • Work with us in the early stages to help maintain a smooth transition

We are not a business broker, we buy small and medium-sized businesses from owners who wish to sell or exit the business.

We have a portfolio of companies we have invested in or worked with to grow.

Looking to sell your business? We can help.

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