Property Investments

Sourcing turn-key property investments and adding value for the long-term

At Winch & Co we own a leading property sourcing business, built and trained by the UK’s best property sourcing professionals.

Our strengths lie in sourcing properties that are turn-key (or up and running, producing a return) or secured through unique financial instruments which lower the barrier to entry for property investing, making it easier and more cost effective to accumulate cash-producing assets.

Identify Assets

Secure turn-key property investments ready to go.

Add Value

Add considerable value to the property.

Maximise ROI

Maximise the cash flow potential of the investment.

Investment & Development Approach

Whether we are sourcing a property, investing on behalf of a client, or investing for ourselves, we always analyse each potential investment carefully; identifying areas for improvement where measurable value could be achieved for our investors and JV partners.

Spotting good investments

Properties must be in good condition and pass our strict property inspection booklet. We usually accept properties that require a light refurbishment such as paint and carpets. When packaging heavy refurbishment deals, we will always conservatively estimate the works required and calculate this into the ROI.

Investment Analysis

All our properties are analysed by their investment potential. With this in mind, we only progress properties that have a minimum of 4 lettable rooms, all of which must be a minimum of 70 square feet. Properties must also be a maximum of a 15 minute public transport journey from the nearest local centre. We look for properties that can deliver a minimum of 20% ROI via cash flow as standard.

Project Management

All the properties and investments we source will be independently verified by a local letting or multi-let manager, who will be confident the property will let. Properties we package will also come with a full, local management team in place. We also work with builders, mortgage brokers and legal advisers who are available upon request for fully managed investment solutions.

Securing the deal

Once we have secured a deal, we will package and sell that deal onto an investor. At this point we will take the deposit and make the introduction with the estate agent or vendor. We will be available throughout the whole process and can even make and manage investments on behalf of busier investors.

Achieve higher returns

Deal sourcing

Working in partnership with time-poor investors who want to achieve 25-30%+ ROI per annum through sound property investments sourced by the leading professionals.

We understand, that for most investors, time is of the essence. Many of our partners are seeking opportunities to grow their surplus liquidity in a safe and meaningful way. Through partnering with Winch & Co, our investors have been able to do just that; knowing that we source and invest ethically, in a range of property investment vehicles which deliver all-round stakeholder value. We can package and pass on deals, or we can help manage the investment on behalf of the investor.

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