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Lease Options are a versatile financial tool for acquiring property and building wealth. Lowering the barrier to entry, they are a popular instrument for property investors.

Lease Options

Securing property now, with a view of acquiring in the future at a price agreed today.

Lease Options are a popular and ever-growing means of acquiring property, particularly in the residential housing sector. The issue many people have is not that they don’t know what a lease option is; rather they don’t know how to find or deploy them in an effective, legal manner.



Approach lease options correctly

Planning to ‘find a lease option’ is already a BAD start…

Lease Options aren’t a magic formula.

If your plan is to ‘find a lease option’ then you are planning to fail. Whilst a lease option isn’t an alternative to traditional property finance, it is a means of securing a property. Therefore, why would ‘securing a property’ be a strategy? A strategy is single let, HMO, serviced accommodation… Using a lease option is something entirely different.



Understand applicability

You cannot stick the ‘lease option label’ on any property transaction.

Lease Options don’t always work.

When searching through properties available on the market, be aware that a lease option is not always appropriate. Another misconception is that the property has to have issues or be in negative equity. This is also not the case. The focus should be on the property owner, not the property itself.



The legal framework

Understand the legal framework, but don’t try to be a solicitor.

“I’d like a lease option agreement template…”

Legal contracts are not worth the paper they are written on unless there is a legal framework of accountability and enforceability around them. Understanding this is key, which is why simply downloading templates and contracts from the internet is very dangerous and could land you in prison.



Train yourself with proven mentors

Never rely on advice on internet discussion forums. It may not always be right.

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We provide training that consists of an intense 4-hour session showing you how to identify, secure and profit from lease option opportunities. We will cover how to find and approach sellers. In addition, we will look for example properties as part of the session and you can answer as many questions as you like during the one-to-one. Areas covered include:

  1. What is a lease option and what are options
  2. Recognising when to use a lease option
  3. How to approach sellers and vendors (and agents)
  4. How to secure a lease option
  5. Building a power team around you
  6. How to set up a lease options (RX1 etc.)
  7. How to benefit from lease options
  8. How to exercise your option to buy

After the session, we will be available to answer questions and attend a day of viewings where possible. We will provide you with a guide on lease options, as well as a guide on how to find properties in negative equity. We will continue to work with you until you secure a lease option, providing weekly support by WhatsApp.

Our training is based in Leeds. We’ve helped a number of clients and have multiple testimonials. Our trainers have had lots of formal training and spent over £60,000 on education and on track to secure over 60 lease options this year.

Package cost: £997

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James Ledden

“Winch & Co’s training helped me secure 6 lease options and knowing the legal side also helped prevent me from walking in to a bad deal during negotiations..“

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Lease Option Training

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Results from the training may vary from client to client and will depend heavily on the actions taken by the client after the session. The full fee must be paid prior to the session; and once the session is complete the fee is non-refundable.

Please note we are not regulated by the FCA and therefore do not offer investment advice, we provide guidance only, based on our own experiences. Always consult with an accredited financial advisor before making any investment or large financial decision.

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