Private Equity

Our strengths lie in identifying businesses with a durable advantage, acquiring them, then improving and restructuring the company to add strategic value.

Investment approach

As an investment company, we focus on identifying suitable target companies, acquiring the whole business or the assets, then improving and restructuring the company to add strategic value.

We tend to identify businesses with a turnover in excess of £1,000,000 with an established track record and loyal clients. Businesses will typically have one or more sources of recurring revenue streams. They will also have robust, salaried management in situ, with a clear succession plan in place.

Acquire a business

Acquire a suitable target company that meets our mandate. Take over the assets and liabilities into a new corporate structure.

Improve the business

We work to improve operations, accelerate growth, reduce costs and manage risk within the new company structure.

Exit strategy

We analyse the new business and see where we can create synergies with our other investments. Then define the exit plan.

What we look for

Our investment criteria

In order to meet our investment mandate effectively, we have implemented a clear investment policy, which dictates our qualification process.

  • Been trading for 5+ years
  • Revenue generating (£1,000,000+ pa)
  • Gross fixed tangible assets of £500,000+
  • Salaried management in situ
  • Employees in the business
  • CRM system or database
  • Cash at bank of £200,000+ or 5 months of running losses, whichever is higher
  • Strong debtors book (ideally B2B)

We are prepared to work with business owners who need to sell their business, or that have a troubled financial situation.

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