Looking to sell your business?

We buy businesses from owners who are looking to retire, or who are experiencing financial difficulties.

“We’ve been investing in businesses for over 12 years. We are interested in businesses that are in difficulty, low profitability or loss-making, with owners who just don’t have the time or passion for the business anymore.“

Nathan Winch, full-time investor

Is my business eligible?

When we buy a business, we always make sure it follows our ‘rules’, which are outlined below.

At least 3 years old that can demonstrate filed accounts for this period and can produce a declaration from a chartered, ACCA accountant that can verify all statements and claims regarding the business.

Revenue-generating with at least fairly consistent income, preferably from long-standing clients with at least once source of recurring or re-billable income. Ideally, this would be billed through a payment platform such as Stripe or WorldPay.

Has fixed assets such as plant machinery, computers, equipment or intellectual property, to a valuation (accounting for depreciation and amortisation) of at least £10,000. This can be any form of fixed asset, such as land, buildings or equipment.

Salaried management whether that be in-house employees or the owner themselves. The management have to be salaried – i.e. not an owner-operated business where the owner does not draw a fair salary for the work that they carry out.

Employees are a vital part of any business. We only consider businesses that employ staff, usually a minimum of 4 employees – although depending on the sector your business is in, we can be flexible.

Customer database including email addresses and contact numbers as a minimum. This can be in a CMS system or a simple Excel spreadsheet, but the business must demonstrate it has a comprehensive database of its clients and customers, that is sanitised regularly.

Cash at bank equivalent to at least 3 months of running losses, or at least £5,000, whichever is higher.

We accept businesses that show losses, low profitability or financial distress such as HMRC debts, difficult landlords or looming creditors, for example.

My business is eligible

Work with us to solve your problem

So you own a business that’s struggling, or you need to exit your business quickly. Or perhaps you know someone that does?

We are prepared to work with business owners who need to sell their business, or that have a troubled financial situation. Business owners we work with are prepared to:

  • Hand over their business to us
  • Accept a reasonable, but fair, valuation
  • Understand that we will take care of their business
  • In most circumstances accept a deferred compensation structure
  • Work with us in the early stages to help maintain a smooth transition

We are not a business broker, we buy small and medium-sized businesses from owners who wish to sell or exit the business.

I’d like more information about selling my business to Winch & Co

Get a clean break

When we buy a business we aim for a swift and smooth transition. If the seller is prepared to act quickly, our solicitors can deliver fast results.


“Winch & Co helped our business obtain NHS supply contracts and expand our public sector network. We recommend them as a working partner.”

RBT 247

Christine Brander

“We would recommend Nathan Winch at Winch & Co as a competent, business-minded individual, great at helping people grow their business.”

Chrysalis Health & Beauty

Mark Broughton

“We have been working with Nathan Winch at Winch & Co to really focus and enhance our long term investment in the town centre of Barnsley via Barnsley Card.”

Barnsley Council

Maria Cotton

“Nathan Winch and the team at Winch & Co helped our business achieve ISO9001 certification, allowing us to bid on bigger contracts and frameworks.”

LEW Electrical

Andy Johnson

I’d like to explore the idea of selling my business to Winch & Co

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