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We buy businesses from owners who are looking to retire, exit their business or who don’t have time for their business anymore.

“We’ve been investing in businesses for over 15 years. We are interested in any business and aren’t sector specific, looking for owners who want to retire, exit, or who don’t have the time for the business anymore.“

Nathan Winch, Chairman & CEO

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We will buy your business

If you’re looking at sell your business, for whatever reason, or you know someone that does, get in touch.

We are prepared to work with business owners who want to sell their business. Business owners we work with are prepared to:

  • Hand over their business to us
  • Work together to arrive at a fair valuation
  • Understand that we will take care of their business
  • Work with us in the early stages to help maintain a smooth transition

We buy businesses from owners who wish to sell their company. We will look at any business – particularly where incumbent owners want to retire, exit, or just don’t have the time for the business anymore.

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Sell my business

When you sell your business to us, we aim for a quick transaction, working with you every step of the way.

“Since our company was acquired by Winch & Co, we have seen many positive improvements and investments in the site and the team.“

Traffic Manager, DTS

Roland Redfern-Lown

I want to sell my business

We only consider businesses in the UK with a company number. Fill in the form and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.
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“Winch & Co helped our business obtain NHS supply contracts and expand our public sector network. We recommend them as a working partner.”

RBT 247

Christine Brander

“We would recommend Nathan Winch at Winch & Co as a competent, business-minded individual, great at helping people grow their business.”

Chrysalis Health & Beauty

Mark Broughton

“We have been working with Nathan Winch at Winch & Co to really focus and enhance our long term investment in the town centre of Barnsley via Barnsley Card.”

Barnsley Council

Maria Cotton

“Nathan Winch and the team at Winch & Co helped our business achieve ISO9001 certification, allowing us to bid on bigger contracts and frameworks.”

LEW Electrical

Andy Johnson

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