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Nathan Winch is the Chief Executive at Winch & Co, a self-funded investment firm that invests in and owns multiple companies in industry and manufacturing, employing around 100 people across the UK.

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About Nathan Winch

Nathan started out as a young entrepreneur. In 2011, Nathan set up WinchPharma as part of Winch & Co. The business sought out opportunities within the NHS, seeking to provide easier, cheaper and more accessible products than were available to the NHS at that time. The move was a success, winning a share of a huge £39million contract to supply the NHS with liquid, gel and foam hand sanitiser products.

In the end, Winch & Co sold WinchPharma to Byotrol plc, effectively linking the client to the manufacturer, resulting in a win-win for both the NHS and Byotrol, with Winch & Co realising a sizeable profit. See company history.

Winch & Co grew into an investment company that sought out strategic value in businesses via integration and consolidation. As of 2023, the firm owns various businesses, with around 100 full-time employees and over £5 million in yearly turnover and £1.3 million in EBITDA.

The success of Winch & Co comes from the proprietary ability of Nathan and his team to identify opportunities in other businesses and, having purchased the company, derive value from them via consolidation and integration exercises for increased profitability. They work to improve operations, provide capital to accelerate growth, and reduce overheads. These businesses are often either bundled with similar businesses to create a more efficient offering, or streamlined for greater profits thanks to cost savings.

Alongside this, Nathan has seen big success as a property investor, and more recently as a property developer. In 2019, Nathan hit the headlines for having successfully created a property portfolio that allowed him to reflect on the opportunity to retire aged just 28. However, Nathan is a self-professed work-a-holic who has no intentions of setting aside the day-to-day grind and remains firmly at the helm of Winch & Co, seeking out exciting, new private equity opportunities for the firm. When discussing this, Nathan responded, saying, “People tell me I should be sitting on a beach somewhere, but I don’t think I will ever retire. Couldn’t think of anything worse…”

More recently in Winch & Co’s property business, Nathan has turned his eye to new-build property development, with a focus on the quality of build and fitting to ensure that their properties stand out from the crowd. The first properties will reach the market in February 2022, with another 2 builds beginning at the same time.

Given all this success, it is probably not surprising that Nathan knows he has a lot to offer future entrepreneurs and current business owners. Having set up a YouTube channel in 2019, Nathan has amassed over 80 videos and over 7,000 subscribers who avidly listen to his views of investment opportunities, networking, and improving businesses that he acquires, with over 300,000 views.

Added to this, Nathan has been delivering public speaking engagements for several years, speaking with a wide variety of audiences. While he mainly discusses business, seen through the eye of his own personal journey, he also speaks with authority on a number of aspects of property management, motivating employees and improving business performance in an ethical manner.

Nathan can also be booked to talk at schools, to help give students a broader view of their options once education ends, and to give them food for thought on how they can begin to develop the necessary skill sets today. Visit Nathan Winch’s personal website.

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